Puberty in females 

Puberty is when a body grows and develops to become an adult. It may affect one in different ways. Find out what to expect.

Stuff you'll experience:

  • Your breasts and hips will get bigger.

  • You'll grow taller.

  • You'll start having periods.

  • Pubic hair will start to grow.

  • Sexual thoughts and feelings

  • You may get spots and start to sweat more.

  • Hair on your legs may get darker and some girls grow hair on their upper lip too.

  • You may feel irritable and moody than usual - this is because of changes in your hormones.

What happens during Puberty (for girls)

Puberty is a series of changes that the body goes through as one grows.

The body starts to produce hormones that will change one's body and will affect their emotions.

Getting used to all the changes will be stressful.

For girls, puberty usually happens between the ages of 8 and 14. Some girls can start puberty earlier and some later. Everyone is different.

For some girls going through puberty can take time. For other girls, it will take longer and be more like 4 years. This is normal and doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you.

What to expect from Puberty ?

  • Your butt and breasts will grow and your body will become curvier.

  • Your periods will start.

  • You will sweat more.

  • Body and Pubic hair will start to grow.

  • Your Virginia will change and will start producing discharge.

Changes to your Breasts

Breasts grow in all shapes and sizes and they’re all normal. 

Here are some facts on Breasts

  • Having one breast which is bigger than the other is completely normal.


  • It's normal for breasts being sore or tender sometimes. It usually happens right before or during your periods.

  • Breasts can feel heavier or softer before the periods.

  • Nipples grow in different shapes and sizes. They can be outwards or inwards. The area around the nipple is called the areola and it's normal for it to be different color, darker than your breast. Sometimes nipples have bumps, pimples, or hairs on them.

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