Puberty in Males 

Puberty is when a body grows and develops to become an adult. It may affect one in different ways. Find out what to expect.

Stuff you'll experience:​

  • Your voice gets deeper - some people may refer to this as your voice "breaking".

  • You'll get taller, bigger, and more muscular.

  • Your penis and testicles will grow larger.

  • Pubic hair will start to grow - around your penis and testicles.

  • Sexual thoughts and feelings

  • You may get spots and start to sweat more.

  • Hair will grow on your face and under your arms.

  • You may feel irritable and moody than usual - this is because of changes in your hormones.​

What happens during Puberty (for boys)

Puberty is a series of changes your body goes through as you grow.

Your body produces hormones that change your body and they will also affect your emotions. Getting used to all the changes will sometimes be stressful.

Everyone is different and will start puberty when their body is ready but it's common for it to start around age 12-13 and for some it may happen earlier or late.

The changes to your body take time and puberty lasts for different lengths of time for different people and can last for up to 4 years. This is completely normal and doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you.

What to expect from Puberty ?

  • Facial, pubic, and body hair

  • Erections.

  • You will sweat more.

  • Production of semen/sperm.

  • Sexual thoughts, feelings, and wet dreams.