What to do about Lockdown?

The whole world has been afflicted by the novel corona virus. Keeping as many people as possible safe and as many hospitals equipped to deal with the challenge has proved to an unmatched feat. However, being confined to our homes by lock-down and restrictions do not have to be as gloomy as it seems. Here are a few tips about surviving during quarantine.

Be Social:

Even if it's a quick hello message or video call, make sure that you maintain your connections with your friends.

Try learning something new:

You might never have more time than now to pick up a new skill or try something new. Try out an online course or read a book about a skill.

Reach out for help with schoolwork:

Your teachers and family members are also adjusting to this new system of learning. Try to share your struggles with classmates and form study groups to help each other.

Let your feelings out:

Confide in someone you trust when you are feeling anxious or stressed. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to a Safe Ed mentor.

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