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When people feel hopeless and can’t see any way to make things better, they sometimes want their life to end. But things can get better. There are people who can help.

Feeling suicidal can happen to anyone. And it could be brought on by almost anything. Like bullying, or abuse. But it could be something else. You might not even be sure why you feel like this. But however down or hopeless you’re feeling, Safe Ed is here for you. You're not alone.

Feeling suicidal can affect anyone, no matter how old they are. People may want to end their life because:

  • they feel it'll make their pain stop.

  • they feel it'll take negative feelings away.

  • they think it'll mean other people in their life will know how much they're hurting.

  • they feel suicide will give them control.

5 things you can do:

  1. hobbies or stuff you enjoy like listening to music (not something that could make things worse like drugs and alcohol)

  2. physical activity like sports, dancing, jogging or yoga

  3. talking to someone you trust or to others on our discussion thread

  4. something that give you a sense of achievement, like drawing or doing a puzzle

  5. look at a photo of someone who really cares about you.


  • Taking drugs or drinking alcohol makes it hard to think clearly and make good decisions. Alcohol is also a depressant which make suicidal feelings even worse.

  • If you have any drugs, flush them away. If you have anything that could harm you, get rid of it. It also helps to be with someone instead of being on your own.


Having a safety plan you can look at when you're having suicidal feelings can really help you to cope. Try writing down answers to the points below and keep them in a safe place so you can use them when you're struggling.