• Akshaya Pai

Some Girls

Some girls want to be leaders

And have control over their lives.

They believe in having their names known

Not by being other people’s wives.

Some girls want to be influencers

And show the difference between wrong and right.

They want their voices heard

And won’t back down without a fight.

Some girls believe that knowledge

Can help the world advance.

To them ‘smart is cool’

And there’s no such thing as ‘chance’.

Some girls like shiny dresses

And makeup with bright shades,

The media makes them look weak

And they hate how they’re displayed.

Some girls love books,

And fandoms and stories.

They want to be fighters

And heroes worth the glory.

Some girls love running,

And playing with a ball.

They believe that sports

Is more than worth it all!

Some girls are unsure

of what in life they wish to do.

But each and every one of them knows,

That to themselves, they must stay true.

Each and every girl is diverse

And there’s none that are the same.

So let’s start taking them seriously,

And not treating them like a game.

By Akshaya Pai

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