• Akshaya Pai

I Am Enough

To the person that told me, “I don’t want to be friends with you” and to the people that told me I wasn’t good enough. It’s funny how it took me years to realize, I don’t need to win your love. To the ‘friends’ that made me feel excluded, And those that called me names. I don’t need to prove myself to you, And I’m done playing your games. You told me what to believe and you blinded my sight. But I won’t let you shut me down In your attempt to dim my light. You didn’t even bother to learn How to properly pronounce my name. And when I spoke in another language, You said I sounded ‘lame’. You told me that I shouldn’t wear shorts and skirts And that I should try to look better than I do. So, every time I looked into the mirror, I would think so too. For a long time, I felt the impact Of all that you had said to me. But I’ve moved on now and let it go, Because I can finally see No matter what I do and no matter the person I become, I am enough. Whether I like makeup or sports, I am enough. Whether I prefer reading to shopping, I am enough. And I don’t need you to validate me. - Akshaya Pai

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