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Gearing up for PUBERTY

Puberty will happen as soon as your body is ready for it. But waiting for puberty can be hard. You may feel embarrassed, anxious, and depressed about delayed puberty. Here are a few things that might help...

Speak out,

If you’re worried about your development, don’t keep it to yourself. Share your worries with your friends and parents. Talking about this stuff will make you feel less alone.

Get yourself checked up,

A Doctor has seen many kids go through puberty. During a physical exam, your doctor can check on the development of your body and tell you if everything is normal. If necessary, your doctor can also perform tests to check your hormone levels.

Ask your doctor about treatment,

If the doctor makes a diagnosis of delayed puberty, they may recommend treatment. Your doctor can give you a prescription for hormonal medications that will trigger the start of puberty.

Educate yourself,

The more you know about puberty, the more comfortable you will feel with your body. Learning about puberty can also make it a lot easier to go through.

Connect with other kids like you,

Just because your friends don't talk about delayed puberty don't mean you’re alone. Talking to a parent or trusted adult, might help you. You might be amazed how good it feels to swap stories and experience.

Eat a healthy diet,

A healthy diet is extremely important for your growing body. having a good diet, full of fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins will give your body the boost it needs to grow.

Get active,

Having an active lifestyle is also important to your overall health and growth. join a sports team or going for a run with your parent, maybe?

Don’t overdo,

Both, healthy eating and physical activity are important for your overall health, excessive dieting or exercise can result in delayed puberty. Talk to a doctor if you have any questions about how much to eat or exercise.

Be patient,

It will be hard to be different from your friends, but most kids will catch up naturally. Once your puberty finally arrives, you’ll develop into a healthy adult.

The Conclusion: