• Akshaya Pai

An Alien's Perspective

I landed on this planet

Really, really dizzy

And then I saw all the plastic

And realised in a tizzy

That I was on the planet

Called green and blue

With evil humans

That mother nature should sue

But she didn’t then,

And so I felt queasy

For breathing polluted air

Really wasn’t easy.

So many forest fires

And the reducing supply of water

Kept the humans busy

Though it made the planet hotter.

With the ice continent melting

Like the Wicked Witch of the West

And the Koala’s hurting

In the place where they would rest.

I had hope for the sake of nature

that the planet would start to heal

And then came the year of 2020

When homes began to seal.

Humans stayed 6 feet away

And countries shut down,

But the climate got better

So I ceased to frown.

Animals freely roamed the land

Pollution levels got halved.

Here’s hoping Earth day will teach you

A better future can be carved.

By Akshaya Pai

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