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Its a taboo to talk about periods, puberty, sex education in general. This normally results in poor health care and improper care. and that affects the physical, mental, and sometimes, social health of the involved individual. This issue needs utmost care so that we can save adolescent children from many aspects. Directly or indirectly, this will challenge their lives. most children don't feel open to talk about these topics to their own parents, nor their trusted ones.

Safe Ed. is a completely secure online platform where kids hitting puberty can gain access to and get the information that is required for them at that age. They can post their problem on this platform and solutions can be provided by either fellow mates and share their experience overcoming that issue, or from our advisory team. They can also discuss the ongoing problems they face.


Safe Ed covers topics like "stress, anxiety, depression"

Safe Ed provides crisis resources that children might be going through.   

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