Safe Ed

We have hidden enough and not talked about it, it is the time to come up and talk. Issues like periods and sex education are considered misogyny. Children are curious about sex and sexuality as there is always a sense of ‘hush-hush’ around such topics. Sexual education is more about how an individual develops into a healthy and responsible adult.

Here at Safe Ed, we are here to assist the adolescents. It’s Time to expand the conversation, We want to challenge misconceptions and prejudices. It doesn't matter whether you are gay or straight, all that matters is you are a human and you need to completely express the thoughts freely and overcome the issues you have been facing. 

Whether you need to send a confession or want to talk about something, a ranting you want to do, any questions you want to ask, or just a secret you wish to share with us. We promise to keep your words anonymous. Don’t let anything rent a space in your head unless they are a good tenant. We have a completely secure platform, hence a safe space. This space is yours, only yours. We will be lending our ear to you and listen to you.

Talk, a soul stands this side to hear your words.

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“I believe in the rational, but not in the magical power of education.”

Maria Edgeworth